The Best Gardening Apps For iOS And Andriod Every Gardener Needs In 2023

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Are you a garden enthusiast who enjoys spending time nurturing your plants? 

Or are you a beginner seeking some guidance with your gardening endeavors? 

Regardless, gardening is an enriching and fulfilling pastime. As technology advances, numerous apps have emerged to facilitate garden planning, design, and upkeep. 

This article explores the top garden apps of 2023, allowing you to enhance your gardening proficiency and transform your outdoor area into a flourishing and attractive space.


Gardenize is a comprehensive garden planning app that allows you to keep track of your plants, pests, and other important gardening information. 

You can take photos of your plants, add notes, and track their progress over time. The app also includes a plant database with information on thousands of different plant species.

Download Gardenize:


Apple iOS


If you’re looking for an app to help you in planning and designing your garden, the Planter app is a great option. 

With this free app, you have access to a diverse selection of plants, flowers, and shrubs that you can arrange on a virtual plot of land. 

Additionally, you can use the app to track your garden’s development and growth throughout the season.

Download Planter:


Apple iOS

Garden Answers Plant Identifier

Photo by Hoàng Chương

The Garden Answers Plant Identifier app is a valuable tool for plant enthusiasts as it allows you to identify plants by simply taking a photo. 

The app’s advanced image recognition technology accurately identifies the plant species. 

Additionally, the app provides users with insightful information regarding the proper care and maintenance of each plant type.

All these features make the app a must-have for anyone who wants to grow and maintain a healthy garden.

Download Garden Answers Plant Identification:


Apple iOS


Gardenate is a paid app that helps you plan and organize your garden. You can input information such as planting dates, watering schedules, and fertilization requirements. 

The app also includes a feature that allows you to track your garden’s progress over time.

Download Gardenate:


Apple iOS


Another premium gardening app, iScape, enables you to create and visualize a 3D garden design. You can select from a diverse range of plants, flowers, and trees, and preview how they will appear in your garden.

Additionally, the app has a feature that enables you to add outdoor furniture and other accessories to your virtual garden.

Download iScape:


Apple iOS


GardenTags is a free mobile application that bridges communication and collaboration among garden enthusiasts. The app enables you to interact with other gardeners, exchange ideas, and share your gardening journey. You have the opportunity to seek guidance, post photos of your garden, and receive feedback from fellow users. 

Additionally, the app offers a functionality that allows you to monitor the development of your garden over a period.

Download GardenTags:


Apple iOS

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Gardening Apps – Conclusion 

We’ve explored some of the most exceptional gardening apps so far for 2023. Regardless of whether you are an experienced gardener or a beginner, these apps are designed to guide you in planning, designing, and caring for your garden effortlessly. 

With features that include plant identification, garden planning, and organization, these apps provide a comprehensive range of services to cater to all your gardening needs.

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